Special Services

When you have an URGENT challenge…

You call the “Partner” you trust the most.

You call your “partner” because you know your needs will be heard and fully supported.

You and your partner will develop a plan.
And when you say “Do it,” it gets done.

Rex Moore Special Services team knows that the cost of downtime associated with faulty work, or rework, impacts your productivity. When equipment or systems are not working at their best, this can affect the morale of your staff, not to mention the sleepless nights due to safety uncertainty.

We will walk the facility with you to help develop the scope of work.

We will communicate the scope of work to the end user to develop a clear starting point.

We will ask pertinent questions in the hopes to avoid any and all potential impacts that may have been missed by the stakeholders.

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We Communicate for Approval: We want to showcase our deliverables for a clear buy in.

No babysitting and No surprises downstream.

Our goal for you is to support capital repairs and improvements, from small to large, while providing a cost-effective budget that maintains quality, safety and reliability. Special Service is where Rex Moore was founded. Our 100-year-old department, a team of experienced technicians, understands the importance of critical business operation. We understand how valuable your time is and your day-to-day struggles from the impacts of unplanned interruptions to your organization. We have helped reduce downtimes, minimize cost impacts through understanding your operation(s), by our intentional preventative actions and have transparent communication. The proof is in the pudding; organizations have put their trust in our hands since their inception, 30 years plus, in many cases.

When you hire Rex Moore, you will feel relieved, that you can forget about your electrical upgrades/repairs and focus on your actual core business. Work gets fun when you build first time right through us. You have found a trusted partner who is not only looking out for your best interest on this project, but for your facility in its entirety. And we strive for safety in our work environment and sometimes this leads to encouraging safety in our customer’s environments too.

Because our Special Services team is integrated with all the other knowledgeable departments within Rex Moore, we can continually experience the latest technologies being created and installed. Then, we can then bring these technologies into your facility to improve maintenance and prevention. We want you to be a customer for life.


Let our team of experts help solve and prevent your problems. We have 24/7, 365 days a year, technicians available. Put our reliability in your hands.