The Rex Moore Engineering and Design Development Department
stands apart from all other Engineering Consulting Firms

What makes the Rex Moore Engineering and Design Development team the best is our dedicated team of designers and engineers in conjunction with 100 years of construction experience equipped with the latest arsenal of custom design tools.

Our design team works closely with you to design and develop a facility or system in a manner that supports construction, and more importantly, your financial and functional goals.

The Rex Moore design process starts with the three-dimensional modelling process, we immediately incorporate real-world, practical electrical assemblies, fully modelled equipment, exact representations of lighting equipment, and other reality-based modelled items into your design. As a result, when the design team is completed with the typical drawing set to be distributed for review, not only do you have a top-quality design in your hands, you have a fully recognized 3D model of your facility.

The Rex Moore team is at the leading edge of design and construction with the capability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Because the Rex Moore Engineering and Design Development team works within the Electrical Design-Build structure, we offer a unique approach to design. We don’t start with the design like the typical consulting engineering. A design approach that only places focus on specific design elements. Instead, you are paired with a hands-on pre-construction expert with the skill set of both an electrical designer as well as a construction planner and estimator.

Preliminary designs and scoping documents generated by the pre-construction team are passed along to the Rex Moore Engineering and Design Development team for the next phase of design. The pre-construction team works hand-in-hand with the design team every step of the process to ensure that the construction budgets are maintained, and to provide secondary quality control and assurance for all materials submitted to you. This added layer of client project support is unheard of in the Design-Build industry and is another example of how Rex Moore and its design team are leading the industry.

The 3 main disadvantages of working with traditional engineering consulting firms:

Billable Hours

The Rex Moore Team doesn’t see their clients as a number of billable hours. We only see a client and a project. Any designer knows there will be stumbles in communication between what the client says they want and how the designer interprets that need. We don’t believe a client should be charged extra for those miscommunications. Yes, there will be instances where major scope changes could result in added fees to compensate for the additional design work, but we don’t think helping realize our clients’ vision should be one of those.


As a Design-Build contractor The Rex Moore Engineering and Design Development Team is fully committed to building and delivering a design that lives in reality.
Most traditional design firms spend billable hours adding unnecessary notes and erroneous details, and take an overly conservative approach that adds significant cost of little value and not aligned with your goals.
There are thousands of writing implements in the market today and many of them have a specific function where no other will do… but most of the time, that No. 2 pencil will do the job just as well.

The world of construction is ever changing and as technology and digital communication have improved, so has the way data is transferred from design to construction. This technological link begins at the pre-construction phase before the contract with the client is even signed. The pre-construction manager will prepare preliminary designs in Autodesk Revit that will be supplied to the client when the initial proposals are being prepared. That Revit model will be the foundation of the design model used by the engineering team. Within Revit the design team uses a variety of custom tools and add-ons that create equipment schedules, product submittals, and other construction details that will ultimately be used by the construction crews – normally a process that is completed after the design is done, is not available in real-time as the design is being developed.  In conjunction, with the design, will be the 3D model development (BIM).  Where the entire building, including models supplied by the architect, mechanical group, fire suppression, and other teams will be created allowing the construction team to validate the constructability virtually before a single product is purchased.

100 years of construction experience that makes the
Rex Moore Engineering and Design Development Team the best in the industry.

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