"A big thank you to you and your team for not only last Saturday’s flawless shutdown, but also your team’s hard work and dedication throughout this project. [Our customer] had multiple hiccups during their shutdown, but due to your team’s extensive planning and implementation of this plan, we did not impact [our customer] whatsoever."

Justin Jones – Project Manager, Rudolph and Sletten Construction

"The Best EV Charger installation I've seen."

Construction Manager for an international company

“The entire EPS designed electrical system was furnished, installed and commissioned by Rex Moore without an appreciable change order or problem. Very seldom does this happen, as “NO” engineering plans are 100% perfect. Rex Moore Electrical Contractors and Engineers ranks among the best.”

Gary R. Olsen – President, Electrical Power Systems

“The quality of concern, ability to recognize potential problems before they occur, willingness to work openly with engineers and overall quality of Rex Moore’s effort has resulted in the most well run electrical project that EPS has encountered yet.”

Gary R. Olsen – President, Electrical Power Systems

“I wanted to express my personal satisfaction for the excellent job on the construction of our facility in Fairfield. When giving prospective clients a tour of our new offices, I am quick to point out that Rex Moore is one of the finest contracting firms in the world.”

Kenneth C. Bollier – President, State Compensation Insurance Fund

“When an owner comes to us to take on a design-assist or design-build project, Rex Moore is the first on our list to call and ask to join our team.”

John D. Nunan – President, Unger Construction

“The Turner Construction team would like to thank and congratulate Rex Moore for their excellent performance on the Mercy San Juan project. The project had some special challenges in which your team played a critical role in resolving.”

Jeffrey Frost – Project Manager, Turner Construction

“I would like to compliment Rex Moore for outstanding electrical work on the Sutter Davis Hospital project. The project has been complete for three years and we have not had a single problem with the electrical installation.”

John Peete – Chief Engineer, Sutter Davis Hospital

“Unger Construction has been conducting business with Rex Moore for over twenty years, completing over 150 design-assist, design-build and bid construction projects. We have always been completely satisfied with their work product.”

John D. Nunan – President, Unger Construction

“We wanted to express our gratitude to Rex Moore for our new ‘green’ building. We love it! You went above and beyond the call of duty, helping us to understand what sustainable options were available to us.”

Deborah Redmond, Jeff von Kaenel – News & Review

“Thank you in doing your part to complete the Resort at Squaw Creek project on schedule. The project certainly had its share of difficult challenges, perhaps more than most hotels. The cooperation and attention to quality exhibited by your office and field supervision staff speaks to the professionalism of Rex Moore Electrical Contractors.”

R.M. Kunnath – Vice President, Pankow Corporation

“We appreciate the extra effort put into ensuring the accuracy of the As-Built drawings and panel schedules, a point that is not taken lightly on a critical care facility.”

John Peete – Chief Engineer, Sutter Davis Hospital

“Rex Moore’s success is due in large part to the incorporation of Lean building principles into employee training and the company’s internal systems and processes. From pull scheduling to weekly work plans to their just in time delivery, the Rex Moore Production System and Lean practices are integral to the efficient way in which they complete projects.”

John D. Nunan – President, Unger Construction

“The physical plant is well laid out and easily maintained thanks to Rex Moore’s pre-planning and quality installation.”

John Peete – Chief Engineer, Sutter Davis Hospital


“Again you have sent out an electrician that exemplifies the meaning of customer service. You are fortunate to have so many good people on your staff. Thank you again for such wonderful customer service.”

Brian Richter, Sr – Technical Operations Mgr, Comcast Spotlight, Sacramento, California

“It quickly became obvious on our project that the efforts of all Rex Moore team members centered on providing extraordinary customer service and satisfaction to USAA.”

Ron Roeder – Construction Project Manager, USAA, San Antonio, Texas

“The Rex Moore telecommunications group was able to adapt to meet our needs with affordable solutions that worked. Your on-site personnel were consistently knowledgeable, professional, courteous and accommodating. Since the corporate office project, your company has earned ‘most favored vendor’ status for all our data cabling needs.”

Benjamin D. Craig – Manager of Information Systems, River City Bank, Sacramento, California

“Your staff of professional estimators, project managers and superintendents provided invaluable services of value engineering and constructability analysis that were instrumental to getting the project off the ground. We consider it a privilege to work with Rex Moore.”

Rick McVey – Senior Estimator, Otto Construction

“The assigned Rex Moore personnel demonstrated an immediate grasp of Total Quality Management and implemented initiatives that enabled design consultants, our general contractor and USAA personnel to unite as a TEAM. The end result was making difficult projects with tight budgets and short durations succeed where others haven’t.”

Ron Roeder – Construction Project Manager, USAA, San Antonio, Texas


"...a special thanks to Rob and George; both of whom were invaluable to the success of this project. This may have looked like a relatively simple project from the outside, but it took every bit of Rob’s extensive experience and George’s thoroughness to make this project successful. They both showed a cooperative and helpful attitude throughout the project that is essential when working with us and the rest of the trades to produce creative solutions that keep the job on track. It’s guys like them that help get our teams continued work with clients like [Our customer]. "

Justin Jones – Project Manager, Rudolph and Sletten Construction

“Rex Moore’s project management and design team are professional, thorough, and cost and schedule conscious. Their field supervision and trade craftsmen coordinate well with other trades and complete their work on time and on budget.”

John D. Nunan – President, Unger Construction

“Rex Moore’s involvement on a project makes our team stronger, which is a key reason why I pick Rex Moore every time I have the opportunity.”

Ralph Alsgood – Special Projects Manager, Rudolph and Sletten, Roseville, California

“Today’s pace in construction places extraordinary demands on everyone’s time, and it takes more than being a good ‘mechanic’ in your trade to get a job done. Rex Moore should rest assured that their company is being well represented by Dave and Jim’s continued tenacious effort on the PeopleSoft project.”

John Ambrosia – Senior Project Superintendent, Turner Construction

“I was especially impressed with your team’s willingness to spend many extra hours working hand in hand with the architect, design engineers, and owner to resolve design issues and overcome many of the challenges we faced on the Sutter Roseville Medical Center project. I am certain the extra effort helped to minimize potential schedule impacts and probably cost impacts as well.”

Emily J. Sprague – Principal Architect, Sutter Health

“Your team was professional and proactive . . . their expertise, management skills and perseverance resulted in one of the cleanest cutovers of a USAF engineered cable plant in the last 18 months. We are extremely proud and happy with the association.”

Robert A. Smith – Technical Director, MultiMax, San Antonio, Texas

“Your project superintendent was always willing to lend a helping hand and voice a professional opinion when it came to the electrical and fire alarm scope of work for the Springhill Suites-Marriott project. His knowledge and experience in this line of work showed, and has helped make this project run smoothly.”

Amy Haedt – Project Manager, Andrews & Thornley Construction