EV Charging

How We Do It

Turnkey Solutions

Providing all solutions in house to simplify construction from conception to completion resulting in desired scope, schedule and cost saving solutions.


Designing adaptable systems that can seamlessly integrate additional charging stations, higher power levels, and advanced management solutions to meet the evolving needs of a rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

Cost Effective

Through streamlined processes and strategic sourcing, we ensure the implementation of reliable and affordable charging solutions align with your budget and sustainability goals.


With a customer-centric approach, we collaborate closely to understand your requirements, ensuring that our customized EV solutions align perfectly with your infrastructure, power capacity, and operational preferences.


By integrating smart grid solutions, renewable energy sources, and advanced charging management systems, we ensure your EV infrastructure remains at the forefront of efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Expertise and Experience

Our proven track record in designing, implementing, and managing EV infrastructure guarantees a seamless and optimized deployment that caters to your specific requirements and industry best practices.

What to Expect

Initial Consultation

Site Design

Equipment Procurement 

Site Construction 

Utility Interconnection

Site Commissioning 

Ongoing Maintenance 

Customer Care

Building Today. Charging Tomorrow.

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, Rex Moore Electric is ready to join the charge. Our EV Solutions team is dedicated to helping you supercharge your infrastructure with clean vehicle solutions, offering sustainable solutions that power your customers, fleets, and more.
With 100 years of experience and full-service in-house capabilities, we provide a turn key approach that will get you electrified faster and with the future in mind. Join us as we help shape the future of the industry with reduced emissions and sustainability.

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