Rex Moore Production System

A Lean system that is integral to the way we do business.

Rex Moore is at the forefront of the electrical construction industry in large part due to its successful adaptation of Lean manufacturing methods and processes to the electrical construction industry, creating the Rex Moore Production System (RMPS).

With RMPS, Rex Moore deploys standardized designs and prefabricated assemblies, coupled with specialized point of use packaging, to provide unmatched value to its clients. The RMPS is proven to minimize re-work, reduce material lead times, improve quality, shorten schedule durations and improve safety.

Key elements:

  • All projects are Designed for Manufacture, Assembly and Installation (DFMAI). DFMAI improves construction pre-planning and drives standardization into all of our products and services, thereby providing the opportunity to achieve higher levels of efficiency and cost savings
  • Standard assemblies allow for mass production in a flexible Lean manufacturing environment, including standardizing materials that allow for large bulk buys for all company projects, thereby reducing costs and lead-times
  • Standardized methods allow for a standardized Work Breakdown Structure, consisting of groups of work packages within a project, called “Kits”
  • Kits contain drawings, tools, materials and mass produced manufactured assemblies for installation. Kits are fundamental to electrical and low voltage construction efficiency because:
    • Kits allow for efficient field installation and reduced material handling, storage and trash
    • Kits facilitate effective scheduling based on work flow and reduce task durations, resulting in completion of work in less time compared to conventional construction methods.