About Rex Moore

Delivering Unmatched Integrated Electrical Solutions

Rex Moore Group, Inc. or "Rex Moore" is a family-owned and managed company, performing electrical and integrated systems engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance.

Since our founding in 1922, our philosophy has been to build lasting relationships and to uphold the highest standards of quality in the construction industry. Rex Moore has grown to one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. with over $200 million in annual sales. Our success is largely the result of:

  • A conscious commitment to achieving excellence;
  • A proven ability to provide value to the owner and construction team through innovative design – designs that incorporate our decades of experience with what works best in the construction environment;
  • A dedication to early project planning, systems thinking and innovative delivery methods; and
  • A devotion to creating passionate teams, consisting of the most highly skilled and experienced people with the ability to collaborate with clients, simplify the complicated and execute accurately.

Core Values

Our goal at Rex Moore is to remain a leading electrical contractor, which gives our team the opportunity to work on the best projects utilizing our best collective experience and talents. The following five core values provide the foundation for achieving excellence and our vision of delivering unmatched integrated electrical solutions. Learn more . . . watch the Core Values video.

  • Creativity: The ability to transcend traditional limitations and develop meaningful new ideas
  • Leadership: The act of providing guidance, direction, support and inspiration
  • Relationships: The connection between people or groups for mutual benefits
  • Responsibility: Being accountable for the things within our control
  • Authenticity: Representing ourselves honestly and genuinely.