Contact Information

6001 Outfall Circle
Sacramento, CA 95828

William C. Hubbard, P.E.

Executive Vice President

Bill solves problems and finds innovative solutions for owners and general contractors. Bill knows the truth is out there, and he is constantly in search of the pareto optimal solution for all parties. He is the perfect fit for this role.

Bill joined the company in 1996 and currently oversees Rex Moore's Design and Preconstruction groups. He also serves on the Executive Management Team which guides the strategic direction of the company.

Bill began his career in electrical engineering and consulting, and adds versatility to the already diverse Rex Moore Design/Build capability. As a registered Professional Engineer in a number of states, Bill has designed and overseen a significant variety of healthcare, institutional, commercial, industrial, critical operations, destination resort properties and high-rise projects. Bill's passion is to use Rex Moore's wealth of knowledge and construction experience to tackle technically challenging projects and deliver sound, practical and cost effective solutions to its clients. He is gifted with the ability to reliably and accurately conceptualize and negotiate the electrical costs of exceedingly complex projects early on during the preliminary phase.

Bill holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis; an M.B.A. from Golden Gate University; and a J.D. from Northwestern California University School of Law.

When not ensuring that all parties are made better off, Bill enjoys spending summers around a pool deck with his wife (the athlete of the family) and attending his son's competitive swim meets. Most all winter weekends are spent laying a nice powdery trench ski patrolling for Northstar at Lake Tahoe or skiing with family members. If you're ever up for making a few turns give him a shout!